Thursday, 3 March 2016

World Book Day - my cheap and easy costume idea

Today is World Book Day and my son's school, like many others across the UK, have asked the children to go to school dressed as a character from a book.

I personally wanted my son to go dressed as a character from a book he was familiar with and that was appropriate for his age. He's five.

He actually came up with the idea that he wanted to go as a skeleton and Funnybones is a popular book in our house so it was the perfect solution.

So... In a dark, dark house. On a dark, dark Thursday... we reused his skeleton costume from Halloween and made a mask from white card and that was that! Job's a good'un!

Cheap as chips and he was more than happy with the results!

February was a wash out for this blog as everyone in the family took it in turns to have colds and bugs, but hopefully now I can get back on track! 

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