Monday, 4 January 2016

Furchester Hotel Isabel, £4 in TK Maxx

My son's not back at school until later in the week so on a little trip to Middlebrook retail park in Bolton we popped in to a couple of shops as he had a little bit of money given to him at Christmas. As it turned out there was nothing that caught his eye!

However, whilst in TK Maxx,  I spotted this cute little Isabel toy from CBBC's Sesame Street Furchester Hotel. It was on a table near the doors and reduced to £4. Not sure what they were originally sold at in TK Maxx as the sticker was covered up, but after a quick Google I saw it was £9.99 in Argos (delivery only) and that was pretty much the cheapest.

Not sure if they'll be available at all TK Maxx's as it probably be dependent on stock levels after Christmas, but there were a couple left a Middlebrook.

I had to pick one up as I think they are adorable and will put aside for my daughter's birthday later on in the year.

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