Sunday, 10 January 2016

Vue Kids am - Saturday and Sunday Morning Cinema for £1.99

There are no lie ins on Sunday mornings now that we have young children. I can't remember what it's like to stay in bed past eight, and to get to that time is a very rare occurrence!

As well as just being up at ridiculously early o'clock, Sunday mornings for us now also involve some sort of activity, football, swimming, tennis...children's birthday parties! There's always something!

If we've been to an early morning sporting activity, we'll often follow up with a little trip to the cinema as a treat.

I cringe at the thought of paying full price at the cinema, especially when I take a peek into the future and imagine taking a family of four!

For now at least, my son is still young enough not to care about seeing the latest blockbuster. He thinks it wonderful when we go and watch anything on the big screen. Which makes Vue cinema's Kids am film showings perfect for us.

For anyone unfamiliar with Kids am at Vue, they show films that have been released a while ago for a reduced price. £1.99 per ticket, adult or child. The showings are on a Saturday and Sunday morning, 10am or 10.30am. They also run these showings in the school holidays which is great!

The films might not be brand new, but they're still popular with the kids. Today at Vue Horwich, Bolton, there are two films showing, Hotel Transalvania 2 and Pan. My son, having already seen Hotel Transalvania 2, asked to see Pan. And at £1.99 I'm happy to take him...and if need be, have a little snooze whilst he enjoys the film!

Film review post to follow...

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