Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Why I Started This Blog...

When I first started this blog in early January I didn't really expect to get many readers, if any! But a few weeks on and I've been pleasantly surprised by how many views my little blog has received. So if you are reading this...thank you...very big, thank you!

I wanted to write a post about why I was motivated to start this blog as I realised that when I first started I went straight in to posting about offers and nothing about why.

If you've read the about me page you'll already know I'm a married mum of two children, aged 5 and 6 months and I live in Greater Manchester, England. Oh...and I quite like shopping!

I like it so much that our tiny little house is starting to get very, very full! So I thought by starting a blog I could write about what great offers I come across instead of buying them...all!

Yes...ok...I might have a slight shopping problem...! But I'm working on it!

I can't avoid shopping completely so writing this blog is my attempt to curb my spending. It might seem counter intuitive but it's helping so far as it's making me more mindful about what I buy. If I can write about it without buying it I have time to go home and decide if I really want it. And if I decide I don't need that particular purchase in my life then I have a lovely reminder that I found it somewhere much cheaper than it should have been! And if it helps someone else out along the way, then even better!

Which leads me to another reason as to why I also started this blog. Because I wanted to tell someone...anyone!..about the offers I came across. As it's always nice to save some money especially if it's on things you were going to buy anyway.

My husband is sick of hearing me talk about what I offers I spotted on my latest trip to the shops! As are my close friends most of who don't yet have children, therefore couldn't care less about a half price box of Lego!

I can't tell my five year old son because a lot of what I buy is for him! And it's stashed in various nooks and crannies in our tiny little house waiting patiently for birthdays or Christmas' when they can once again see the light of day!

My mum, who would have been the person I would have called from the shop as soon as the offer was spotted, passed away nearly ten years ago. And although she probably wouldn't have been interested in what I was going on about she would have happily indulged me and listened to me go on and on about it! Gotta love mums!

I have to admit my mother-in-law is really lovely and we have a good gossip about what things we've seen on offer this week! But I don't want to bore her!

I also don't know the mums I encounter at the school gates well enough to talk about all the bargain spotting I've been doing! I don't want them to think I'm a cheapskate...or a compulsive shopper!

So instead of just talking to myself...which has recently become more and more frequent! I thought I'd write about it (whilst my baby girl naps), get it off my chest and give my inner voice some peace and quiet!

...And hopefully stop my house from collapsing under the weight of toys as well as giving the bank balance a chance to recover! Here's hoping!

Although bargains will probably be the focus (hence the blog title and me being an avid shopper n' all) I do hope to write about other things too!

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